S*Viento´s Lazy Lullaby




Sweetest Lazy Lullaby is living together with her mum at Camilla Winsnes. I will try to do updates every week.

I can´t thank Camilla enough for giving me this opportunity . Sweet Lazy Lullaby is a bit of a miracle, since I was supersure that Mafaldine was not pregnant.

It will be a pleasure to follow this sweetie.  


Name Sex Colour Status
S*Viento´s  Lazy Lullaby Female NFO n 03 23/24 Available


♥♥♥ newborn  6days   3Weeks   ♥♥♥ 4Weeks 
 5Weeks   6Weeks   7Weeks   8Weeks  9Weeks   ♥♥♥ 
11Weeks    12 Weeks          

= The kitten is probably sold, a booking fee has been payed.
= The kitten will move to its new family soon